1. he’s definatley got a bit of style about him. I am a big fan of your drawings ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Why, thank you Michael ๐Ÿ™‚ (I like your gravatar pic by the way)

  2. Do you do these? they are real nice to look at.

  3. What a face! I Luv dogs, I have “3 amigos”….just the best companions.

    • I have my little buddies as well… They sure are part of the family!!

  4. robrnar said:

    What a beauty, he is just darling. You captured his essense, i

  5. Gorgeous picture! The detailing is phenomenal. Your pictures are so lifelike, itโ€™s amazing. ~Sophia

  6. arlijohn said:

    Wow! Great drawing, very lifelike and personable. Arlinda

  7. Exquisite work! You have capture Chloe’s soul as well as physical appearance.

  8. I love your drawings. They are deft and full of personality

    • Thanks! I find myself on your blog often, glad you enjoyed mine ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. AG said:

    This is wonderful! Really realistic!

  10. Sara Teece said:

    Absolutely love that! Just beautiful…x

  11. Pseu said:

    does he bite?!

    • I didn’t know I could make someones day better like that (pretty sure you made me blush when I read that comment ๐Ÿ™‚ ).

    • Thanks, I appreciate the fact that you took time to leave a nice comment ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Beautiful work of art! Captures the cool personality.

  13. maggie said:

    Amazing. I love your work.

  14. Omg, this is amazing. I really like this and your drawing is impressive. โค

  15. What a great drawing! I love the bully face…you can see all of the breed’s characteristics in those eyes.

  16. Christine said:

    He looks a little sad. I want to hug him. So cute. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  17. Tammy said:

    What a great face and clearly very popular!

  18. Thank you for subscribing. Your work is marvelous.

  19. You have a real talent for “seeing.” Beautiful work.

  20. Caitlyn said:

    You are so talented! Keep up the good work, it’s beautiful! ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Given the detail in these pictures you are nit only a talent person but very patient lol. I am very impressed!

  22. One really feels this guy’s presence. A dog with character this. ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. maybz said:

    nice work..gifted hands!

  24. You are quite an artist! Congratulations on your work. I’m sure it brings joy to many people, as I can tell from the comments.

  25. There is so much personality shining through in that face – just beautiful

  26. Wow, great sense of light and texture. The attention to detail in all your drawings is incredible, esp. hair and fur – two really difficult things to get right, even for some of the most patient of artists. I’m really glad I stopped by!

  27. madisoncary said:

    this. is. amazing.
    & adorable of course!

  28. Beautiful drawings! My computer was acting up and I could only view in HTML version for a few days. I thought they were photographs!

  29. Beautiful drawings…takes a skilled and steady hand to draw like that….plus I love dog pics…..zman sends

  30. ohhcanaduh said:

    Jesus Christ! F’king Fantastic!

  31. Really caught the cuteness with just a touch of stubborn. Nice!

  32. Ashleigh said:

    This is a beautiful piece. I love the texture.

  33. Just beautiful. Great work there and what a face!

  34. Very nice! Makes me want to close my laptop and pick up my pencil.

  35. Wow! I was just cruising through your blog. Nice work. Graphite?

  36. The Gransberry said:

    Nice work.

  37. This looks absolutely amazing. You’ve done such a wonderful job with this piece. Amazing

  38. Fantastic drawings! I liked how you captured her expression

  39. Really cute dog, and nice drawing! Very realistic.

  40. There are so many complimentary comments here that you probably won’t notice this one, but I had to tell you that I really, really like this picture. Is it a photograph that has been edited to look like a drawing – or a drawing. ‘Tiz a mystery.

    • Oh! I notice each and every one of my comments. In fact, I look forward to the inspiration every one gives me. These are all charcoal drawings. (The earlier works are graphite, but I couldn’t get the deep velvety black that charcoal can deliver.)

  41. The Hook said:

    Don’t mess with that canine!
    You’ve truly captured something special here. Nicely done.

  42. You are a wonderfully talented artist. I looked throught your work and am very impressed.

  43. photographybyjoylene said:

    Love your work! So detailed – it must take forever to do a sketch!

  44. Just B. said:

    This is gorgeous! Your work is amazing!

  45. Chuk Jones said:

    You’ve got yourself a new fan! Great work!

  46. Rachel said:

    Totally awesome! Aww, I love bulldogs.

  47. Hi ya enjoyed your work really like the choice of subjects

  48. Styln said:

    Great work! She/He’s so pretty. I love the color variation.

  49. PeppermintLucy said:

    very impressive!!

  50. Wow! Beautiful work. If my doodles even were even half as good, ha well that is why they are doodles and this is ,,,,amazing.

  51. Kristina said:

    Wow, impressive work!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  52. Seriously? What can I say that other haven’t already said. How about simply splendiferous. ๐Ÿ™‚

  53. Andy said:

    Your art is fabulous!

  54. lulu said:

    Such joy it is to browse your work.

  55. arlijohn said:

    Just wanted to tell you I am following your work. Where do you get your ideas? You’re taleneted Arlijohn(arlinda)

  56. Your sketches have such personality! Beautiful work!

  57. cookiejarlife said:

    wow, simply beautiful

  58. I’ve fallen in love with Chloe. I prefer this one to the last Chloe one. She has a “star” pose in this one.

  59. April said:

    Oh I love that face!! So expressive!

    • Yeah, don’t be too jealous, I would much rather have some other (more useful) talents.. like being able to cook instead of burn everything!

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