1. Ashley said:

    Wow that is amazing! Thanks for subbing my blog as well!

  2. robinb333 said:

    This is like looking at a picture! The details is phenomenal.

  3. Your talent is evident in your amazing drawings! I especially like the portraits (both animals and people). Thanks for following me and now I’m following you!

  4. ThinkSoul25 said:

    Simply beautiful!

  5. Truly awesome art! Keep up the excellent work. Thanks for subscribing to my blog:))

    • Thank you for being so encouraging 🙂 I really appreciate it!

  6. I love how you captured the happiness in their eyes.

  7. wauw you are so talented 🙂 your drawings are amazing 🙂 thanks for subscribing to our blog, we will stay tuned with yours to 🙂

  8. Stunning & Beautiful! You have great attention to detail which makes your drawings look like photographs. Thanks for subscribing to our blog, we’ll definitely be following yours.

  9. juliesunne said:

    Amazing work, Colleen! I am very impressed. Thank you for your subscription to my blog, http://juliesunne.com.

  10. I thought it was a photo and good one, I could see the texture of the skin. Wow, you are gifted!

  11. Your art is amazing. Wow, what a gift. Your work is beautiful. God bless you. Thanks so much for the subscription. I pray you get something out of my posts. Much love, -Natasha

  12. Awesome! Now if only I could draw a straight line….

  13. Pretty eyes! That’s probably the most important part…to give your subjects life and sparkle. My portraits always look like ventriloquist dummies. 😦

    • cjot said:

      Thanks! I’m sure your portraits look better than you say 😛

  14. myqwerx said:

    oh my, these are soooo beautiful

    it seems to capture their feelings so well and so vividly

    fantastic job, congrats

  15. Wow you are so talented. This one is my favorite!!

  16. aidanoliverphotography said:

    Beautiful art Colleen and a big thank you for subscribing to our blog.

  17. Great detail! I always have a hard time portraying skin tone with graphite and charcoal but you’ve done an excellent job!

  18. twishiimii said:

    I don’t know what to say. You’re really, really good. And by what I’ve read above, I think you’re inspiring people. So two thumbs up for you (..if I have three it’d be three thumbs up)! Keep inspiring people with your gift^.^

  19. Absolutely stunning! I’ve done some modeling, but that’s the extent of my artistic talent. Love this!

  20. Great work Colleen! Keep on creating, the world needs artists.

    Thanks so much for subscribing to my blog, I’m flattered.


  21. Luks said:

    These are beautiful.
    Thank you for subscribing. 🙂

  22. I love this one! Thanks for sharing. I agree with the poster above, it is beautiful. Thanks for stopping by silly little space on the web and commenting on my feeble attempts at art!

  23. Now that is just love…reminds me of the good old days of courtship and romance.

    • I am glad this portrait captures that for you! Mission: accomplished. haha!

  24. zendha1 said:

    The eyes sparkle.. even through the web… Beautiful piece.

  25. Scott Stahl said:

    Colleen, you certainly do some great work. Your studio is about an hour north of where I grew up. Should be getting cold there soon. Thanks for the follow.

  26. love to see emotion in a drawing, it’s like their eyes are speaking to me..

    great work of art

  27. Details said:

    Your drawings are beautiful!

  28. e1aine said:

    I was going to comment on how beautiful this is, but I see this has been done!

    You are an amazing artist, so anyway, it’s really beautiful.

  29. ev said:

    wow! you are awesome!

  30. wordsfallfrommyeyes said:

    This is so awesomely engaging. It’s amazing what talent you have. And you use it so well.

  31. pattisj said:

    I’m sure this couple is quite pleased with your portrait. Do you work from a picture, or live model? Beautiful.

  32. maryrichardson said:

    Out of all your pictures, this one really grabbed my attention. Great job!

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