1. These pics look like charcoal drawings… Is it so??? Or perhaps you have edited photos using Photoshop effects. I love the different subjects that each pic displays…

  2. Lots of character in this drawing in the man’s expression even though not a close-up. Very well done!

  3. I love the flow and feeling ot this drawing. Excellent!

    • Thanks for noticing that about this piece. A lot of people didn’t know I could draw, so i picked a picture out of a book that would show off some of my talents. Upon showing my friends and co-workers, I have been commissioned a few pieces. I always hear people say “do what you love,” and it looks like I am on the right path for that so far 🙂 Your comment help let me know i am on the right path AND that people enjoy it as well.

  4. maggie said:

    Your drawings are absolutely amazing. I love this one, and “Sarah and Jim” is incredible.

  5. Nice use of gradaded shading to bring out the horse’s muscle tone through the dark coat.

  6. Afromum said:

    Hey, These are amazing. How did you do the water marks? I want to put them on my pictures too. x

    • Thanks and I layered over on a program similar to photoshop. Good luck!

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