1. I love horses. A living horse is a piece of art, too, for me. And here your horse is really a splendid one, with all its vigor.

  2. oh wow. that eye. i adore horses – this is beautiful.

    • Thank you! I think there are a few more projects with horses in the future. They really are beautiful creatures. I love capturing their spirit and power.

  3. RiMa said:

    Wow! AS IN W.O.W. The drawing looks soooo real! :)) And by the way, thank you for subscribing in my blog! I really do appreciate! 🙂 Thank you! 🙂

  4. seanrone said:

    Since I was a young boy Horses have held a very significant meaning to me. I believe they are an ethereal gift to the human race. I have spent more time interacting with them in my life, than I have riding them. I have riden a horse only 5 times in my life so far. When the “Robert Redford” movie “Horse Whisperer” debuted, I felt an instant kinship to the nature of the lead-male character he was potraying. This portrait, as well as your others, are beautiful.

  5. Carissa said:

    beautiful! There is something about horses… I used to draw them all the time. Your shading is beautiful and I love the tress in the background, too 🙂

  6. jdc-witherton said:

    You really should be in a gallery somewhere if you’re not already? This horse is absolutely beautiful and you captured the very essence of the animal so beautifully! Just amazing love. Jadon http://www.jdcwitherton.com

  7. this is lovely, you can really see the expression in the horse’s eyes.

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